• Teaching Philosophy

    • Teaching means sharing my excitement about anthropology, africana studies and archaeology with students. I believe that the role of a professor is to give students the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and experience that will help them to expand their personal horizons and to become more active citizens. I defend that teaching, and education in general, should be a cooperative enterprise between students and teacher. My classes emphasize writing, critical-thinking and the questioning of taken-for-granted everyday experiences. They are organized around discussion of texts and films, and I favor the use of fiction as means for students to access subjects with which they may have less personal experience.

      I like to teach disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses, but in general I use interdisciplinary methods to bring together approaches from different research and interest areas. This approach requires a certain intellectual flexibility from students, by building on previously learned subjects, but it also challenges them to experiment with new fields of knowledge and interest. My teaching, as my research, is informed by an Africana perspective, that encompasses a broader, more internationalist perspective that address the relations between aspects of African cultures and Western cultures with their imbricated histories.

    • Third grade textbook, Portugal (1960s-197s)
      Third grade textbook, Portugal (1960s-197s)
  • Some Classes Taught

    • Introductionto Anthropology (a four field approach)
      Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      Anthropological Theory and Practice
      Anthropology of Colonial Encounters
      Memory and Memorialization
      Critical Perspectives in Museum Studies
      Context of Material Culture
      Archaeology of Colonialism
      Socio-politics of the Past
      Humans and Landscapes
      Peoples and Cultures of Africa
      Gender and Power in Africa
      Introduction to Africana Studies

    • Grahamstown, South Africa
      Grahamstown, South Africa
  • Syllabi

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