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    • Modern Physics
    • First Year Seminar: "Science at the boundary: A look into the nanoworld"
    • Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
    • Computational Physics
  • FSEM class 2011 - Having fun with Nanoscience!
    FSEM class 2011 - Having fun with Nanoscience!
  • letting science go...OUT...!

  • Summer Link to College: Having fun with renewable energy!

    "Summer Link to College was developed as a week-long summer residential program for rising high school juniors as an introduction to college life and university courses, as well as community and cultural experiences. The students attend classes designed for them taught by University professors, motivational workshops and education and cultural field trips during their stay in the residence halls a DU."

    Students from local high schools visited DU (summer 2011 and 2012) and learned physics by exploring what is behind common renewable energy sources and technologies. They participated in the workshop “Physics of Renewable Energy: A hands-on workshop exploring wind, solar and hydrogen power”. They built their own wind turbines prototypes and small solar cell cars. We had lots of fun!

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