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  • "In the mountains, the shortest way is from peak to peak: but for that, you need long legs." - Friedrich Nietzsche

    Maria de las Mercedes Calbi (in case you are wondering...) 

    Born and raised in Argentina, I earned my PhD degree in physics at the University of Buenos Aires (2000). I then completed my training in condensed matter physics at the Pennsylvania State Universiy where I spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher. I joined the Physics Department at Southern Illinois University in 2003 where I was promoted to Associate Professor in 2009. I then came to the University of Denver in 2010 where I am currently Associate Professor in the Physics and Astronomy department.

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  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Awards

    • Southern Illinois University Outstanding Scholar Award, 2010.
    • NSF Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), July 2009.
    • PostDoctoral fellowship, CONICET, Argentina, 2000.
    • PostDoctoral fellowship, Fundación Antorchas, Argentina, 2000.
    • Doctoral fellowship, CONICET, Argentina, 1995.
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  • PECASE Award (NSF)
  • Career Award

  • Pecase Award (SIUC)
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  • "Stumblers are two kinds: Those who come up quick and those who say, "Where am I?"" - Carl Sandburg

    Our main research interests are in the area of surface physics, especially focused on gas adsorption and transport in nanostructures, including the thermodynamics as well as the kinetics of adsorption. Our research is focused on developing theoretical models and methods that can provide a basic understanding of how and how fast different atoms or molecules can gain access into these structures and become bound to their surfaces. This includes approaches based on statistical mechanics and computer simulations.

    Besides the fundamental implications of this research, we are also particularly interested on the ability of these nanostructures to act as sorbents for gas separation, sensor and environmental applications.

    Our research projects have been funded by external agencies (PRF and NSF) and are currently supported by NSF. 

    Please see details about our current research projects under the Research tab above.

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  • We have open positions in our group for undergraduates, graduates and some opportunities also at the post-doctoral level.

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