MATH 1200

  • Description

    • Find advising and other course-wide information here for the MATH 1200 course offered through the Mathematics Department.

  • Questions?

    • If you have questions (general or specific) about MATH 1200, contact:

      Allegra Reiber
      MATH 1200 Instructor, Co-PI for MATH 1200 Hybrid
      (303) 871-2807

      Mathematics Department Office
      For general questions
      (303) 871-2911


  • Registration/Advising Support

    • In Winter 2015, MATH 1200 will be offered in two formats: Traditional (lecture) format and Hybrid (flipped classroom) format.

      Traditional sections meet 4 days per week in 60-student classes for lecture presented by the instructor, with a 30-student recitation and quiz period on Fridays.

      Hybrid sections meet 3 days per week in 30-student classes with the instructor for cooperative learning and discussion based off of online content reviewed before class.

      The pdf (above) and slides (below) explain a little more about the differences between these two approaches. The pdf also includes a chart with time, instructor, and CRN information for all MATH 1200 sections for winter 2015.

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