Leslie Hasche

Leslie Hasche

  • Biographical Description

    • Areas of Interest:

      • Gerontology
      • Mental health care for older adults
      • Community-based aging services
      • Implementation of evidence-based practices

      Prof. Leslie Hasche is interested in direct social work practice related to gerontology and mental health. Her research targets improving care for older adults with depression, a crucial means of promoting their independence and quality of life. Her scholarship builds directly from her research on community-based services’ response to the mental health needs of older adults and on her practice experiences in health and mental health care settings.

      As a John A. Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholar (Cohort XI), Hasche has worked nationally with organizations such as the National Council on Aging and Healthy IDEAS depression intervention program.  Hasche has published scholarly articles on the mental health needs of older adults in journals such as The Gerontologist, Psychiatric Services and The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Hasche's current research involves partnering with the Unviersity of Denver's Traumatic Stress Group (www.du.edu/tssgroup) to study issues related to elder abuse, neglect, and expoitation.

      Hasche enjoys integrating her research and previous practice experience into teaching clinical and gerontology courses, and she is committed to mentoring new social workers entering the promising and rewarding field of geriatric social work.

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