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  • Teaching Philosophy

  • My teaching philosophy is to get students excited about the course material. I do this by being enthusiastic and presenting material in a way that I enjoy so energy transmits to the students. In my courses, the students are simulation "trainees" at a fictional company called Stats Dairy. Students respond favorably and I have won both college and university teaching awards. My commitment to teaching goes beyond my own classroom. I feel a strong desire to share what I have learned with other people in my university and beyond. I am a co-author for two statistics textbooks and have presented several teaching workshops.
  • OfficePicStatsDairy3.jpg
  • DU Courses Taught

  • STAT 1400 - Statistics II
    INFO 1020 - Analytics II: Business Statistics & Analytics
    STAT 2800 - Survey of Operations Management
    STAT 3550/4550 - Statistical Computing
    STAT 3700 - Sports Statistics
    STAT 3700 - Decision Support Systems: Excel & VBA
    STAT 3704/4704 - Programming Logic and Design
    STAT 3704/4704 - Business Forecasting and Visualization
    STAT 3704 - Data Visualization
    STAT 3709/4709 - Computer Simulation
    STAT 3880/4880 - Data Mining I
    INFO 4300 - Predictive Analytics

  • Other University Courses Taught

  • Computer Simulation in Business
    Statistical Analysis I and II
    Operations Management
    Visual Business Communication
    LAN Construction and Management

  • Instructional Grants

  • ♦ OTL Hybrid Teaching Grant, 2013
    ♦ ACITC Classroom Innovation Project grant, 2000
    ♦ Instructional Enhancement Mini-grant, 2000, 2005

  • Teaching Improvement Activities

  • ♦ Hybrid Course Design, Development, and Delivery Course, Summer 2013
    ♦ Data Analysis, Coursera, Jan 22-Mar 19, 2013
    ♦ Teaching Online Workshop, CTL, Autumn 2011
    ♦ Cultural Ethics, Daniels Faculty Friday, 4/15/2011
    ♦ Academic Integrity, Daniels Faculty Friday, 2/18/2011
    ♦ Academic Integrity, Bill Taylor, 1/31/2011
    ♦ Business Statistics 2010 & IBM Analytics, Pearson, Apr 9-10, 2010
    ♦ Data Visualization (5 CEUs),, November 21 – December 21, 2009
    ♦ Clickers at DU Information Session, 9/1/02009 
    ♦ GAISEing Beyond the Crossroads: Improving Instruction in Introductory Statistics, CAUSE (Consortium for the Advancement of Und. Stat. Education) Summer Institute, July 6-10, 2009
    ♦ Best Practices for Learning Teams, Daniels Learning Effectiveness Workshop, 3/6/2009
    ♦ Blogs for Teaching and Scholarship, CTL workshop, 2/13/2009
    ♦ Basic and Modeling Techniques with ExtendSim, March 31-April 4, 2008
    ♦ Building an Effective Syllabus, Daniels Learning Effectiveness Workshop, 5/16/2008
    ♦ Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium, INFORMS, 11/2/2007
    ♦ Integrating Grading & Course Design, CTL workshop, 9/21/2007
    ♦ Diversity, CTL workshop, 10/5/2007
    ♦ Teaching, Scholarship and Ethical Issues, CTL workshop, 10/12/2007
    ♦ SQL Processing with SAS, 2006
    ♦ Text Mining, 2006
    ♦ Summer Program for Educators Teaching Data Mining, 2006, 2008
    ♦ Critical Thinking Study Group, Fall 2005
    ♦ Furthering Your Research Agenda, 2004
    ♦ University Writing Program, 2001
    ♦ Applied Instructional Design, 2000

  • Teaching Awards

  • ♦ Daniels Faculty Teaching Excellence Award - 2013
    ♦ Daniels C. Thomas Howard Endowed Teacher Scholar - 2009
    ♦ Alpha Kappa Psi, Virginia Tech
        Faculty of the Year Award, 2007
        Faculty Brother of the Month: Oct. 2002, Sep. 2003, 
          Sep 2004, Dec. 2005
    ♦ R. B. Pamplin School of Business Teaching Excellence Award - 2001
    ♦ Virginia Tech University Certificate of Teaching Excellence - 2001

  • Teaching Service

  • Panel Member

      • Panel Member Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Introducing Students to the Analysis of Text Data, 2013 Annual Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, (Baltimore, MD).
      • Workshop Using Top Hat as an Alternative to “Clickers,” 2013 Symposium for Teaching & Learning with Technology, Metropolitan State University of Denver and eLearning Consortium of Colorado, October 25, 2013.
      • Panel Member, “Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Including Analytics in the Curriculum, 2013 Annual Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, (Charleston, SC)
      • Panel MemberMaking Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Data Visualization: Tableau”, 2012 Annual Decision Sciences Meeting, (San Francisco, CA)
      • Panel Member, “Teaching and Learning Assessment”, 2012 Annual Decision Sciences Meeting, (San Francisco, CA)
      • Panel Member Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Data Visualization,” 2012 Annual Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, Columbia, SC
      • Panel MemberRole of OR/MS in Undergraduate Business Education Today,” 2011 National INFORMS Meeting, (Charlotte, NC).
      • Poster SessionHybrid Delivery of a Data Mining Course, Provost's Conference, October 28, 2011
      • Invited PresentationQuantitative Reasoning & Digital Tools Statistics, Data Mining & Simulation”, Provost’s Conference, October 28, 2011
      • Invited PresentationCreating a Data Visualization Course”, 19th Triennial Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS2011), Melbourne: AUS, July 10-15, 2011.
      • Panel Member Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Story Telling for Teaching Statistics,” 2011 Annual Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, Savannah, GA, Feb, 2011.
      • Panel MemberMaking Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Developing Your Own Instructional Materials for a Quantitative Class,” 2010 Annual Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, Wilmington, NC, February, 2010.
      • Poster SessionCTL Education and the New Media Conference: Creating and Using Software Demonstrations with Camtasia Relay,” January 2010
      • Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Statistics Education, DSI 2009
      • OR Educational Experts, Teaching Effectiveness Colloqium, INFORMS 2009
      • Tools or Toys? Forum on Academic Uses of Recent Innovations, SEDSI 2009
      • Discussion of Academic Support Products for Business Statistics Instruction, SEDSI 2009
      • Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business: How Should We Teach Business Students in Introductory Statistics? DSI 2008
      • Important Issues for Statistics Instruction in Schools of Business, SEDSI 2008 
      • Challenges for the Future of Statistics in Schools of Business, DSI 2007
      • Facilitating Effective Learning in Introductory Statistics, DSI 2006
      • Teaching with Technology at Virginia Tech, New Faculty Computing Orientation, 2004, 2005
  • Workshops Given
    Teaching Effectiveness Workshop: Promoting Student Learning, SEDSI 2005

    Doctoral Student/Junior Faculty Teaching Effectiveness Workshop: the Four P's of Teaching Effectively, SEDSI 2004

    Writing in your Business Course, Graduate Teaching Assistant Training, 2003

  • Invited Presentations
    Using a Tablet PC in the Statistics and Simulation Classrooms, Invited Presentation, INFORMS 2008

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