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    • Dr. Kim Gorgens is a full-time Clinical Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. She teaches the Psychophysiology and Clinical Neuropsychology sequence at the doctoral level, manages a portfolio of TBI-related research, and has lectured extensively on those issues (including a 2010 TED talk on youth sports concussion, several NPR spots and an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper). She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology and is board certified in Rehabilitation Psychology.

      In addition to her work with medical patients in various settings, she also engages in advocacy and leadership around disability and TBI awareness and previously served as the Chair of Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund, President of the Colorado Neuropsychological Society and Chair of the American Psychology Association Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology. She is currently on the scientific advisory boards of the American Traumatic Brain Injury Association and
      the National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Association and is serving on the board of the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology and is an elected Council Representative for the American Psychological Association. In her role on the Colorado Brain Injury Legislative Collaborative, Dr. Gorgens was involved in drafting and supporting the 2011 concussion law for the State of Colorado (Senate Bill 40 – The Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act).

      Dr. Gorgens is most passionate about education and women's leadership (as an LIWP and HERS alumna). She engages in community education and outreach in areas of disability awareness, biopsychosocial models and criminality--her lectures are featured in venues around the country.

      As the Director of Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Development at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, Kim has secured accreditation for the University of Denver to be a recognized provider of CE to mental health professionals. Her commitment to lifelong learning and novel educational strategies has established GSPP as a national leader in workshop, conference, classroom and distance education.

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