• Studio Recordings

    • An Early Morning Letter, Displaced

      An Early Morning Letter, Displaced is the experimental ambient recording project of studio artist, Joseph Labrecque. Founded in 1999, this expressive undertaking combines elements of ambient, ethereal, noise, and touches of atmospheric neo-classical to form a unique sound. Born from the initial concept of infusing whispered poetry within an expressive aural backdrop, this venture has become a true force in the area of creative, independent, underground music.

      Slumberfault (2018)

      6Threads (2010)

      Shudderflowers (2009)

      A Prison of Oneself (2007)

      Through Darkened Eyess (2002)

      August (2000)

    • Shivervein

      An experiment in unbound abstractions within a land where order and structure have little meaning.

      bloodletshadows (2012)

  • Compilation Appearances

  • Nominations

    • JPF Awards 2009 [Ambient Song Nominee]

      Song:             Condemnation
      Songwriter:   Joseph Labrecque
      Artist:             An Early Morning Letter, Displaced
      Album:           A Prison of Oneself

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