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Dissertation Research Registration (RLGN 6995)

  • Application for Indepedent Study Indepedent Research and Directed Study.pdf

    This form is used to register for dissertation research credit after you have completed 82 hours of coursework.  The absolute minimum required of all JDP students after completing 82 hours of coursework is one credit of dissertation research per year, in the fall.  Students who began in fall 2015 and later must register for one credit of dissertation research per quarter for 8 consecutive quarters (excluding summers), and thereafter just one per year in the fall. If you will graduate before completing the 8 credits of RLGN 6995, you may register for the outstanding credits in your last quarter.

    Please check the box for "Independent Research" and use RLGN 6995 as the subject/course #.  Provide your dissertation title, shortened if necessary, as the project title.

    After collecting signatures, submit this form directly to the Office of the Registrar at DU.

    Note: This is the same form that is used for independent study. The difference is in the course number. Independent Research (dissertation units) are 6995 and independent study units are 6991 or 5991. Be sure you use the correct number. 

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