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Independent Study/Directed Study Registration

  • Application for Indepedent Study Indepedent Research and Directed Study.pdf

    This form is used to register for either an Independent Study or on rare occasions Directed Study. Note the distinction between Independent Study and Directed Study below prior to registering.

    Independent study provides opportunities for the capable student to do special work under individual supervision in areas not covered by class offerings.

    Projects must be undertaken within the academic term in which they are registered. Independent study may not be taken instead of, or to modify, a regular course offered by a department. In addition, independent study cannot be used to account for study taken at another university or at the undergraduate level. The study must be conducted with DU or Iliff faculty at the graduate level.

    A directed study course is a permanent catalog course delivered on an individual basis when the course is not offered that term or scheduled in the near future but the student must have that course. Directed studies are only approved under extenuating circumstances to provide an opportunity to complete a required course.

    **excerpted from the DU Office of Graduate Studies Policy Manual.

    Please use the following Course prefixes and numbers:

    Independent Study: RLGN 5991 or RLGN 6991

    Directed Study: Use the course number of the course being replicated for the directed study.

    Note the limit on independent study imposed by your entrance year's JDP Student Handbook.

    Submit this form directly to the Office of the Registrar at DU.

    Note: This is the same form that is used for independent research (dissertatin units). The difference is in the course number. Independent Research (dissertation units) are 6995 and independent study units are 6991 or 5991. Be sure you use the correct number. 

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