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Forms for Proposal Defense

  • Congratulations on reaching the final step of your PhD journey!  You are ready to defend your proposal.  You will need the following 3 forms as part of this process.  Note that you should already have a committee and have a signed JDP Petition to Form a Dissertation Committee on file at the JDP office.   

    You should also have your language requirement completed prior to defending your proposal. 

  • JDP Dissertation Proposal Request Form- 2022.pdf

    At least 3 weeks prior to your proposal defense date, you need to submit the JDP Dissertation Proposal Reqeust Form. This form should be signed by the resource librarian assigned to JDP students.   

    Submit this form to the JDP Program Manager,

  • JDP Proposal Results Form.pdf

    Bring the JDP Proposal Results Form to your defense for faculty signatures.  Return the form to the JDP Program Manager,

    In the case of a virtual defense, you may do this form via DocuSign.  Click here to initiate the form. 

  • Thesis_Dissertation Oral Defense Committee Recommendation Form.pdf

    This form should also be brought to your proposal defense to obtain your dissertation director's signature. Submit the form to the JDP Office for the signature of the Faculty Director and the Program Manager will submit the form to OGE on your behalf.

    Note: The name of the Oral Defense Committee Chair (a.k.a. outside chair) is optional at this point. You may leave that blank and submit the name of the outside chair on paperwork at time of scheduling your oral defense.

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