• Biographical Description

  • Hello and welcome to my portfolio page! I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oklahoma with Dr. John Wisniewski . Previously, I was a graduate student and NASA Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellow working with Dr. Jennifer Hoffman (dissertation adviser) at the University of Denver, from where I graduated in 2013, and Dr. Michael Corcoran (NASA mentor) at NASA/GSFC. I graduated with a BS from St. Lawrence University in 2007 as a physics and mathematics double major.

  • Honors, Awards, and Achievements

    • AAS Rodger Doxey Travel Prize, January 2014
    • Graduated from the University of Denver, August 2013
    • NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (Cohort 10), 2010-2013
    • NASA Student Ambassador (Cohort IV), 2012
    • NASA ADAP Funding (Science PI) 2012
    • Advanced to Full PhD Candidacy, University of Denver, 2011
    • Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi, 2009
    • Advanced to Preliminary PhD Candidacy, University of Denver, 2008
    • Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship, University of Denver, 2007-2008
    • Howard C. Fay Memorial Award, St. Lawrence University, 2007
    • Augsbury/North Country Scholarship, St. Lawrence University, 2003-2007
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Outreach

  • NASA Student Ambassador Program: http://intern.nasa.gov/intern/

  • Talks

  • The Multiwavelength View of Mass Loss and Transfer in Massive Binary Stars, University of Wyoming (April 2013) and the High Altitude Observatory (May 2013)

    Spectropolarimetry of Massive Binary Stars, Universite de Liege Departement d'Astrophysique, Geophysique et Oceanographie, February 2013 (invited)

    The X-ray View of Mass Loss in WR140, University of Denver Physics and Astronomy Department, May 2012

    Constraining the Mass Loss Geometry of Beta Lyrae, Stellar Polarimetry: From Birth to Death, June 2011 and Stars, Companions, and Their Interactions: A Memorial to Robert H. Koch, August 2011

    Spectropolarimetry of Beta Lyrae, University of Denver Physics and Astronomy Department, May 2010

    Exploring Beta Lyrae with Polarization, East Tennessee State University, December 2009          

    New Polarization Curves of Beta Lyrae, University of Denver Physics and Astronomy Department, April 2009

  • Research

  • I am studying disks around stars (protoplanetary disks, debris disks) as part of my postdoc. I am also interested in massive interacting binary stars, in particular Roche lobe overflow systems and colliding wind binaries. I use optical spectropolarimetry and X-rays to study the movement and geometry of material in and around these systems. 

  • Publications

  • Lomax, J.R., Naze, Y., Hoffman, J.L., et al 2015, A&A, 573, 43 



    Lomax, J.R., Hoffman,  J.L., Elias, N.M. II, Bastien, F.A., and Holenstein, B.D. 2012, ApJ, 750, 59


  • Conference Proceedings

  • Stars, Companions, and their Interacions: A Memorial to Robert H. Koch

    'Constraining the Mass Loss Geometry of Beta Lyrae,' J. R. Lomax


    The 39th Liege International Astrophysical Colloquium: The Multi-Wavelength View of Hot, Massive Stars, Liege, Belgium, July 12-16 2010

    'Spectropolarimetry of Beta Lyrae: Constraining the Location of the Hot Spot and Jets,' J. R. Lomax and J. L. Hoffman


  • Women in Astronomy and Space Sciences, College Park, MD, October 21-23, 2009

    'Tough Talk: Women Giving Colloquia', D.J. Norman, J. Lotz, J. Holbrook, S. Cortes, S. Juneau, K. Brulag, V. Desai, P. Knezek, K. Olsen, A.A. West, M. Agueros, L. Allen, Y. Chu, A. Coil, K. Covey, K. Cuhna, J. Dalcanton, K. Garmany, S. Kannappan, J. Lomax, M. Perrin, C. Pilachowski, K. Sheth, A. Weinberger, L. Prato, B. Rodgers

    http://wia2009.gsfc.nasa.gov/WIA2009_proceedings.pdf (page 222)

  • Contributed Posters

  • "New Polarization Curves of Beta Lyrae," 213th AAS Meeting, January 2009, Long Beach, CA

  • "New Polarization Curves of Beta Lyrae," 213th AAS Meeting, January 2009, Long Beach, CA

  • "Massive Binaries in X-ray Light: Constraining the Mass Loss Geometry of WR140", GSFC Summer 2011 Intern Poster Session, July 20,2011

  • Recommissioning of HPOL, a Medium Resolution Spectropolarimeter

    Davidson, J.W., Bjorkman, K.S., Hoffman, J.L., Lomax, J.R.

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