• Funding for Conferences

  • Each quarter the Korbel Graduate Student Association (KGSA) designates up to 30% of its resources to reimbursing students who have presented at an academic conference, or attended an academic conference as part of their MA or PhD research.


    The KGSA caps for funding for any given quarter are as follows.

    • $250 for attendees to domestic or international academic conferences
    • $500 for presenters to domestic academic conferences
    • $1000 for presenters to international academic conferences
    • Please note that it is highly unlikely that you will recieve the full reimbursement from KGSA. If you make a note on your application, the KGSA will send your application on to DU's Graduate Student Professional Development Grant (GSPDG) Committee to see if they will reimburse the remainder of the requested funds (that reimbursement timetable is a quarter after KGSA approves reimbursements).

    Funding is contingent upon the following

    • Number of students applying for funds in given quarter.
    • Priority given to first-time applicants.
    • Amount of funding available to KGSA.
    • Type of conference participation (conference attendees are only eligible for half of the funding that conference presenters receive).
  • Funding for Research

  • KGSA helps fund PhD students who plan to engage in field research as part of their PhD studies and dissertation research. Any student who plans to engage in field research may apply to the KGSA for funding. After approval the KGSA will provide a small amount of funding to the research proposal (only up to 5% of the 20% allocated for conference funding in a given quarter). Then the KGSA will send the research funding application on to the University of Denver's Graduate Student Professional Development Grant Committee (GSPDG) for a request for funding for the rest of the proposal. Those approved for research reimbursements must be ABD, All But Dissertation.

  • Application Instructions

  • Your KGSA has a small amount of funds designated for reimbursing students who present at conferences, attend conferences, or engage in PhD field research (see sections in left column). KGSA uses the Graduate Student Professional Development Grant (GSPDG) application process for students requesting funds (this way, if the KGSA cannot fund a student's whole reimbursement request we can send it on to GSPDG to see if they can fund the remainder).

    There are four application pages to fill out. See the GSPDG link to download these applications (bottom right hand column).


    Please make yourself familiar with GSPDG Award Criteria. Note: the KGSA cannot pass on requests for only attending at conferences since GSPDG does not fund conference attendees.

    Please turn in completed forms to:

    Emily Hinga
    Human Resources and Operations Manager
    325 Ben M. Cherrington Hall

    (Please note that if forms are not complete or do not have the appropriate attachments, they will not be funded - you will have a chance to resubmit in the following funding cycle).

  • Application Deadlines

  • KGSA accepts reimbursment applications three times a year for presenters and attendees at academic conferences. The GSPDG application forms must be completely filled out and accompanied by appropriate materials (receipts, proof of conference presentation/attendance, advisor letter of approval, etc. - see application forms on GSPDG site for full list).


    • November 15
    • February 15
    • May 15

    Once your full application is received and approved it will be reimbursed the following quarter and sent on the GSPDG if applicable.

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