• Event Suggestions

    Do you have an idea for an event KGSA could host? Feel free to contact us any time at suraj.thapa@du.edu / Emily.Williams251@du.edu / Mary-Courtney.Murphy@du.edu with your suggestions!

  • Student Group Event Funding

  • KGSA attempts to co-sponsor as many Korbel student group activities as possible, therefore, the maximum funding available per application is $100The funding process requires an event proposal and budget (form linked below), to be submitted via email to the KGSA Secretary-Treasurer (JKSIS.KGSA@du.edu) at least 10 days before the event. The KGSA Executive Council will then vote to approve or deny the funding. Following funding approval and approved item purchase, funding will be disbursed via reimbursement. To this end, please follow JKSIS OASA guidelines for tax-exempt and reimbursement forms (https://portfolio.du.edu/issta/page/52059).

  • Student Group Funding Request Form

  • Other Events and Calendars

  • JKSIS Calendar


  • DU Academic Calendar


  • Korbel student group events, 2020-21

    Korbel Graduate Students of Color (KGSOC) events

    Welcome Back Happy Hour

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