• Wondemneh Pawlose (President)

    M.A Intenational Development: Josef Korbel School of International Studies (University of Denver): Denver, CO

    B.A International Relations: Goucher College, Baltimore, MD

    A native of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Wondemneh is pasionate about international peace and developemnt. Coming to the United States back in 2011 was a big moment that made him realize that he has a unique perspective and that he can contribute to the work various international organizations are doing on the issues of poverty, hunger, human rights, and economic development. Therefore, when he went to study at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD, he knew that he wanted to study international relations and continue to pursue his passion of working on issues that transcended boundaries.

    Wondemneh has served as the first year rep. at the KGSA 2020-2021 baord. He hopes to continue making relationships with Korbel faculty and staff that will advance the student body's interest. 

    When he is not studying or doing work at the Fredrick S. Pardee Center for Intenational Futures, Wondemneh enjoys running, cooking, and reading. He is working on practicing his Arabic. He also currently started a podcast called The Global Feed Podcast, where he interviews individuals in the international affairs realm discussing their passion in the field and current work.  


    Michelle Carrere Seizer (Vice President)


    Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, Michelle is pursuing an MA degree in International Studies with a specialization in human mobility and intercultural relations. After finishing her bachelor's degree in Social Communications, Michelle found her dream career working with immigrants and refugees with the Uruguayan government's Syrian Refugee Resettlement program and, later on, coordinating the area of migration and intercultural education in the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture. Michelle has always had a passion for experiencing the world's diversity and building bridges among different viewpoints, a passion that she strived to channel through her various personal, volunteer, and professional activities. Michelle enjoys music, books, walks in nature, beer and conversations with friends, and writing.


    Jenna Johnson (Secretary-Treasurer)


    Jenna Johnson is currently pursuing her M.A. in International Studies with focuses in Public Policy and Human Rights. Jenna previously earned her Bacherlor's degree from Oklahoma State University in International Business, prior to volunteering as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in Senegal. Since the Peace Corps, Jenna worked in development and fundraising for a number of nonprofit organizations in Wichita, Kansas. After graduating from Korbel, Jenna hopes to continue working with nonprofits or the government on foreign policy issues.


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