• KGSA Board Election 2022-23



    Liam Palmbach



    My name is Liam Palmbach, I am a Global Economic Affairs student, and I am running for President of the Korbel Graduate Student Association.

    Originally from Arizona, I have spent most of my life in Europe, Asia, and Africa, only returning to the United States in January of 2020 (bad timing). Some of you may know me from the language café, where I enjoy practicing Russian, Spanish, German, Chichewa, and (very broken) French. Both my global experience and my linguistic knowledge has taught me the value of seeking out other viewpoints. As president, I will incorporate this perspective in all of my duties.

    During the International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise earlier this year, I was Team USA’s Head of Delegation, where I engaged with other students in a fast-paced environment that involved thinking on my feet. This helped me develop the diplomatic skills crucial for any representative. Additionally, I have become accustomed to juggling multiple responsibilities. For example, alongside my studies I have been working as a research assistant focusing on oil and gas-related policy conflicts in the southwestern United States.

    Since coming to Korbel, I have taken an active role in student life, regularly attending networking events, guest lectures, and happy hours. As such, I would look forward to organizing events and meeting with students to discuss any concerns they may have about life at Korbel or in Denver in general, and I promise to make myself available, accessible, and responsive as your student president.

    Thank you.

    Tyler Murray


    My name is Tyler Murray and I will be running for the position of KSGA President for the 2022 to 2023 school year. I am a current International Security student from Denver, North Carolina (yes it exists, but it is a bit smaller) who hopes to bring my experience to KSGA. I hope to work alongside my fellow officers to ensure that Korbel events are inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable. I hope to bring planning, communication, and teamwork experience from past leadership roles in social, academic, athletic, and professional settings to KSGA and Korbel events. With so many great people and organizations at Korbel, our goal at KSGA would be to bring everyone together for the best experiences sharing different cultures, perspectives, and personalities. I will strive to help create the best student experience possible at Korbel alongside the great faculty, staff, and other students on campus. I look forward to seeing the enjoyment and development we can achieve!  

    Vice President


    Brandon James


    Hello, I am Brandon James, a student of Global Economic Affairs, Pardee Research Aide, and one of your current First-Year Representatives for the KGSA. As your representative, I have dedicated my time to being an active member of the Korbel community. I have listened to student voices and amplified their concerns to improve your Korbel experience. In consort with the other KGSA representatives, I have done my best to organize social events to foster a sense of community and inclusion at Korbel, provide avenues for financial support to students in need, and initiate a working group to address concerns about student employment. Through these experiences, I have learned the most effective methods for advocacy and involvement on campus; and will constantly challenge myself and the university to listen to and support the concerns of our student body. This understanding makes me the ideal candidate to continue representing my fellow students as Vice-President of the Korbel Graduate Student Association. 



    Cameron Hailey


    Hi, I am Cameron Hailey, a grad student here at Korbel studying Global Economic Affairs. Prior to attending Korbel, I was at the University of New Haven in Connecticut studying Journalism. At home I loved to ski, and still do out here, love to explore big cities, especially Boston, which is my favorite in the States. And before moving to Denver I took on the hobby of training my new dog, even taught him how to organize his toys!


    In my time at the University of New Haven I was an active member of my Fraternity Sigma Chi doing a variety of different roles for the chapter such as public relations, web design and editor. I have always loved helping people out, and one of the best things achieved in my time in Undergrad was my Fraternity raising 25k each year for cancer research through The Huntsman Foundation. I think these experiences helped shape me into who I am today. 

    Social Chair


    Bailey Howe


    My name is Bailey Howe and I am currently a first year student studying International Security with a certificate in Humanitarian Assistance. Besides being a student at Korbel, I work for the Pardee Center conducting research and literature reviews for two different teams. During my undergraduate studies, I was on the board of Phi Alpha Delta, Pre-Law Fraternity as the Membership Co-Chair where I successfully hosted recruitment week and planned many social events for our club to attract new members. I was also the Historian of the Maryland Equestrian Club for two years where I was in charge of all social media for the club, updated our website regularly, took photos at events and helped advertise our club to new members. I really enjoy taking on roles that get me more involved and supports the initiatives that I care about.


    I love being a grad student at Korbel and I want to give back to my school by working with KGSA as your Social Chair. I have some great ideas to help bring the students of Korbel together and create a sense of community!

    International Student Representative

    Lynn Chlela


    My name is Lynn Chlela, an international Fulbright scholar from Lebanon, pursuing my MA in international security with an emphasis on Financial Crime along with the HA certificate. As an international student, I am well aware of the struggles many of us have been facing in which the simplest of tasks such as grocery shopping become a struggle due to the lack of transportation. I know as non-us citizens we face different journeys other cannot fully identify with: emotional/psychological struggles, having to be mentally present both here and back home, caring for ourselves and our family, continuously thinking of an answer to “what happens after graduation ?" in fear of having to leave everything behind sometimes.


    If elected to represent you, I hope to voice out your concerns to the administration and implement practical solutions to facilitate the integration of current and incoming international students at Korbel. I want to work on a starter guide for the incoming international first-year students (tackling transportation, credit cards, money exchange, housing, grocery support, etc.) along with a mini ISSS Korbel guidance version for second-year students that tackles job search specifically tailored for international students, visa support, and a safe space to emotionally support you on this journey away from home. More importantly, I believe you all have fascinating connections and knowledge of your regions and so instead of only gaining a US perspective on certain topics, I believe you should be given the chance of organizing seminars and workshops that voice out the reality of the situation in your countries with the support of local exports. I hope to aid you in executing such plans at Korbel!

    2nd Year Representative


    DaZa Creal


    Hello! My name is DaZha. I am a 1st year master's student, studying International Human Rights. I am also pursuing a certificate in Global Health Affairs and work as a research assistant for GHA. I am particularly interested in how gender impacts the ways we address various global issues. I moved to Denver after completing my undergraduate degree in International Relations at Beloit College in Wisconsin. During my undergrad years, I held multiple positions including being a member of the student government funding board and serving as one of the senior class representatives for the academic senate. This year I have served as one of the 1st year representatives for KGSA. I have enjoyed my time learning more about Korbel and Graduate Student Government. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with the other KGSA members and the community!

    Hunter Willis


    Hello, my name is Hunter Willis and I am running for the position of Second Year Representative for the Korbel Graduate Student Association. I am a Security student who is specializing in China and Intelligence and would like to become more involved with not only our cohort but all other Korbel students as well. I have previous experience with being part of student organizations' executive boards throughout my undergraduate years whether that was Model UN, the Student Activities Funding Board, or Student Congress. I feel like this would be a good fit for me as I would like to find ways to make our second-year experience even better than our first year has been so far. With this position, I would like to promote more connections made between students here whether that be within our cohort or between varying cohorts in Korbel. Working with the rest of the KGSA board would be a top priority and is something that I look forward to if I am elected to serve in this position! Thank you all for reading a bit more about me and I am excited to potentially serve as your Second Year Representative!

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