• Biographical Description

  • Jason Karpf earned his master's degree in Organizational and Professional Communication, public relations and marketing specialty, from University College, University of Denver in 2011.

    An instructor in public relations, marketing and communication, Jason was a member of the task force that developed University College's New Media and Internet Marketing graduate program. He has developed and taught online courses for University College, University of Denver.

    Jason has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations and communication. His agency and corporate background encompasses a broad range of industries including finance, real estate, health care, transportation, manufacturing, nonprofit, and alternate energy. He co-managed media relations for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office during the 2004-2005 Michael Jackson criminal trial, receiving an Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America’s Los Angeles chapter for this work.

    Jason has been interviewed and quoted by major media including MSNBC, E! Entertainment, Associated Press, BBC News, The Dallas Morning News, and The Christian Science Monitor. He regularly publishes articles on PR and marketing and is the author of Anatomy of a Massacre, a true-crime book detailing one of the worst mass shootings in American history. A history and trivia aficionado, Jason was a four-time champion on the TV game show Jeopardy!

  • Selected Articles and Blog Posts

  • Post from Jason Karpf's blog Release that mentions DU class "Integrating Social Media," Comm 4701, Summer Quarter 2010.

  • "Adams, Paine and Jefferson: a PR Firm," analyzing modern PR techniques used during the American Revolution. Published in Public Relations Tactics.

  • “I Came. I Saw. I Spun,” assessing Julius Caesar’s use of modern marketing techniques in his rise to power. Published in Military History.

  • "V for Victory and Viral," commemorating World War II's V for Victory campaign and comparing it to viral marketing and social media. From Jason Karpf's blog, Release; republished on his teaching blog, The Funky Adjunct.

  • "Benefits First: Marketing’s Active Voice," comparing benefits vs. features in marketing communications to active voice vs. passive voice in English composition. Published in B2B.

  • Article written for NextStep U magazine.
  • Videos

  • Victory through Production

    Internal communications video. Written and narrated by Jason Karpf.

  • Ventura County Fair performance

    Special Blend performs "Power in the Blood," Ventura County Fair, 2011. Jason Karpf, bass (dark shirt, stage left).

  • Bonanza episode

    Bonanza episode, "Frenzy," 1971. Jason Karpf, age 9, guest stars as Sandor.

  • Web

  • The Summer of Social Media (DU class blog)

    Class blog created for "Integrating Social Media," Comm 4701, Summer Quarter 2010. Instructor, Lora Louise Broady.

  • The Funky Adjunct blogsite

    Blogsite dedicated to teaching efforts.

  • Academic Papers

  • University of Denver, Public Relations Principles & Process. Instructor, Karen Morales.

  • Report on PBworks, online collaboration platform, done as a "Web 2.0 fairytale." University of Denver, eCommunication in the 21st Century. Instructor, Jenn Light. PB Works founder David Weekly discovered the piece online and enjoyed it.

  • University of Denver, Understanding Human Communication. Instructor, Stephen Reiquam.

  • University of Phoenix

  • University of Phoenix

  • University of Phoenix.

  • Los Angeles Pierce College.

  • Oxnard College

  • Oxnard College

  • Resume

  • Photos

  • Jason Karpf
    Jason Karpf

    Doing the day-job: Director, Foundation Relations, American Red Cross, Central California Region.

  • Jason Before Starting DU
    Jason Before Starting DU

    A gig just before start of master's program, Labor Day 2009. Serious expression undoubtedly due to thoughts of academic challenges to come.

  • Jason After Graduating from DU
    Jason After Graduating from DU Another Labor Day gig, 2011. Note post-graduation smile (and diploma.)

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