• Peer-Reviewed Publications

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  • Publications Under Review

  • Bender, K., Wilson, J., Adelman, E., DeChants, J., & Rutherford, M. A human-centered design seminar on youth homelessness: Course design, student growth and idea development. Journal of Social Work Education. [Under review].

  • Book Chapters

  • DeChants, J., Grant, J.M. & Kattari, S. K. Conducting community based participatory research with transgender and non-binary communities. In S. Kattari, E. Walls, L. Kattari, K., Kinney (Eds.) Social Work and Health Care with Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals and Communities. [Under review].

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  • Community Reports

  • DeChants, J. (2016). Parent Concerns about Teen Health and Well-being and Reactions to the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey: Results and Recommendations from Focus Groups with Parents in Four Counties. Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

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