• Morgridge College of Education

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    Morgridge College of education
    1999 E. Evans Ave
    Denver, CO 80208
    Supervisor: James Conyers, Digital Technology Coordinator
    Phone: (303)871-7992
    Position: Graduate Technology Assistant

    - Manage lab monitors including assigning tasks, training, overseeing workflow.
    - Provide software and hardware maintenance and repair, IT support, Network Support and Diagnostics.
    - Maintain hardware and provide logistics.
    - Teach staff and faculty the use of various software and hardware.
    - Desktop support for MAC, Windows, and Linux based operating systems.
    Years: September 2011 - Present
  • William M. White Business Library

  • University Libraries
    184 UCB
    1720 Pleasant Street
    Boulder, CO 80309-0184

    Supervisor: Gene Hayworth Head Librarian for William M. White Business Library

    Phone: 303-492-8367

    E-mail: gene.hayworth@colorado.edu

    Position: Circulation Attendant


    - Monitor and operate circulation of all resources at the Business Library.

    - Check-in/out, shelving, etc...

    - Provide basic support to patrons including assistance with web resources and Research.

    Years: September 2007 - May 2011

  • Office Of Teaching and Learning at DU

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    Office of Teaching and Learning
    2280 S. Vine
    Denver, CO 80208

    Supervisor:Alex Martinez, Senior Educational Web Developer

    Phone: (303) 871-2084

    E-mail: otl@du.edu

    Position: Graduate Technology Assistant 


    - Aid in development and testing of online web applications
    - Usability testing
    - Site building
    - Wire framing
    - Site mapping
    - Site Auditing
    - Information Architecture
    - Digital content creation including video, image, and audio.
    - Provide Technical support for the campus teaching and learning technologies and applications

    Years: April 2012 - Present

  • Museum of Natural History at CU Boulder

  • University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
    Henderson Building
    15th and Broadway
    Boulder, CO 80309

    Supervisor: Christina Cain, Collections Manager for Anthropology Department

    Phone: 303-492-2198

    E-mail: chrisitna.cain@colorado.edu

    Position: Reference Library Design Coordinator/Project Manager


    - Lead the design, development and implementation of the Museums of Natural Histories Anthropology Reference Library.

    Years: September 2009 - May 2011

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