• Description

  • While not a professional or trained artist I am a self taught videographer and graphic designer. This page showcases a few of my works.

  • Faculty Showcase

  • The Faculty Showcase is a video series developed by the University of Denver’s Office of Teaching and Learning to highlight the excellent faculty of DU. The videos act as examples for incoming faculty by highlighting teaching methods that help enhance the learning experience of students.

    I directed, filmed, and edited the videos from this series.

  • Faculty Showcase - Gregory Robbins

    Gregory Robbins, chair of the Religious Studies department at the University of Denver discusses his use of the Reacting to the Past game based learning method. 

  • Faculty Showcase - Nicole Russell

    In this Faculty Showcase installation Professor Nicole Russell explains how she works with students to develop classroom norms. These norms are tailored to make the classroom a comfortable learning environment for all participants.

  • Faculty Showcase - John Kayser

    In this Faculty Showcase video John Kayser explains the application of video modules and tutorials to the GSSW program.

  • Faculty Showcase - Jean F. East

    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jean F. East discusses some tips for managing power dynamics in the classroom. A part of the Faculty Showcase Series.

  • Faculty Showcase - Chip Reichardt

    In this Faculty showcase video Chip Reichardt explains the concepts of critical and creative thinking and how he helps develop those skills in students.

  • Tutorials

  • I am versed in the development of video tutorials using various screen capture programs such as Camtasia Relay and studio. I have developed a number of tutorials for DU's Office of Teaching and Learning that explain how to use different educational technologies.

  • Closed Captioning and Camtasia Relay:

    This tutorial was developed in order to show DU professors how to add closed captions to their Camtasia Relay videos.

    Closed Captioning & Camtasia Relay

  • DUing Research

  • The DUing Research series was developed at the OTL to highlight the various research projects going on around the University of Denver. The idea was that video would lend it self to the visual aspects of scientific research and enhance the explanitory experience.

    As the the Graduate Technical Assistant at the OTL i was tasked with organizing, filming, editing and producing these films.

  • DUing Research - UAV and UAS Development at DU with Kimon Valavanis

    In this Duing Research Professor Kimon Valavanis, his peers, and students explain DU's UAV and UAS programs. This includes spotlights on unmanned navigation, aircraft design, and much more.

  • DUing Research - People Friendly Robots with Mohammad Mahoor

    In this DUing Research video Prof Mohammad Mahoor introduces us to several of the robots he has designed. All the robots are built to enhance the human condition. The goal is to make robots more user friendly so that they can be used to aid children with autism or the elderly.

  • DUing Research - Measuring Movement through Mechanical Engineering with Bradley Davidson

    In this DUing Research video Professor Bradley Davidson talks about his work with Plyometerics. Davidson research focuses on thee use of advanced motion capture using infrared machinery to track human motion.

  • DUing Research - Atmospheric Particles in Human and Earth Systems with Alex Huffman

    Alex Huffman explains the effect of atmospheric particles on global climate change.

  • DUing Research - Florescents in DNA with Byron Purse

    This DUing Research video features Assistant Professor Byron Purse speaking on his research in Biochemistry. Byron's goal is to attach Florescent molecules to DNA without causing damage to the DNA strand

  • DU'S Friday Group

  • DU's Friday Group is a long lasting gathering of DU researchers and lectures that get together for lunch to listen to a variety of guest speakers.  Topics discussed by the group range from the after effects of the Fukushima nuclear explosion to the defenition of intelect and how it effects our preseption of intelligence. DU's Friday Group are a consortium of men and women that prescribe to the ideal of life long learning whole heartedly.

    During my time at DU's Office of Teaching and Learning I was tasked with recording and preserving each meeting. I also created a forum in which the videos could be shared with other DU community Members.

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