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  • ISL Ghana is a University of Denver International Service Learning program that combines academic study at DU with service work in Ghana during Winter Interterm. Professor Dores Cruz of DU's anthropology department will be directing the program. 

    During Fall Quarter, students will begin coursework that covers Ghanaian culture, history, politics, and society. 

    The program will travel to Ghana over winter interterm 2014. Students will engage in service work with local host instituations.  Additionally, students will engage in lectures and  cultural and educational excursions thorughout Accra. 

    Tentative possibilities for excursions include: the Cape Coast and Elmina slave castles, Kakum National Park and Rain Forest, the Accra region, the Kumasi area, Lake Bosumtwi, and more.  



  • 2014 Program Information

  • Our Program Director:

    Dr. Dores Cruz has been with the University of Denver in the Anthropology department since 2009. She received her Ph.D. from Binghamton in 2003, and has centered her research around the cross-disciplinary fields of archaeology and historical anthropology. Her work and research deals particularly with issues of colonialism, material culture, landscapes, construction of memory and representation. She has conducted a number of research projects in various locations, including Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa. She is currently working on expanding her reseach in ceramic ethnoarchaeology and culture surrounding that. 

    For inquiries about this program, please contact professor Cruz: mdores.cruz@du.edu


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