• ISL NICARAGUA: Development Dilemmas

  • Nicaragua
  • ISL Nicaragua takes students to post-revolutionary Nicaragua to examine the consequences of recent land grabs by foreigners and transnational companies.  Students will learn to operate in a country with minimal "western" infrastructure.  They will learn to "look" at developing landscapes (resorts and tourism infrastructure) with new eyes and from the perspective of locals who have been left out of the development loop. 

    Dr. Taylor has been conducting research in Nicaragua for the past five years.  This accumulated knowledge will allow maximum exposure and learning for students.  By the end of the class students will begin to understand the "development game", begin to question the role of tourism in developing economies, begin to know how to interact with other cultures, and finally learn to question the landscapes we "see" and begin to peel back the layers to understand the social and physical evolution of the landscape before their eyes.

    This class takes an experiential approach and requires students to participate in an organized service activity that addresses a self-identified community need. The group will work with several community-based and non-governmental organizations to ensure a good fit between community needs and student expertise.

    Some of the organizations students will work with include:

    PRE  www.prehelps.org

    FUNLIMON  http://fordfamilyfoundation.org

    Waves of Optimism http://www.projectwoo.org/

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  • ISL Nicaragua 2012 Syllabus.pdf

  • Attention: All ISL programs are now being moved into the Office for Special Community Programs. Please refer to their webpage for the most up to date information. For general Special Community Program questions, please contact Shannon Jahn: shannon.jahn@du.edu

    More details on ISL Nicaragua coming soon!!  

    Coursework will begin in November at DU and the in-country portion of Project Nicaragua will run for approximately two weeks during winter interterm.

    Program Director

    ISL Nicaragua is taught by Matthew J.Taylor, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Denver. Professor Taylor has conducted the vast majority of his field research in Central America, and is very familiar with the pressing issues of the region. More information on Professor Taylor's work can be found here.

    If you would like more information about this project, please e-mail Professor Taylor at m.j.taylor@du.edu.

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