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  • International Studies Careers

  • With a strong background in international politics and economics, culture, and global issues ranging from the environment to health to security, graduates of the International Studies program are well-equipped to work in a variety of fields.

    Valuable skills include

    - Interest/Tolerance of Difference - Cultural Sensitivity - Appreciation of Diverse Views - Ability to Work with Groups of People - Foreign Language Knowledge - Problem-solving Skills - Analytical Skills - Awareness of World Events - Research Skills - Understanding of Political Influences

  • Public Policy Careers

  • Careers in public policy often involve using research findings to inform laws and regulations. Professionals in this field analyze current research and talk to experts in order to present oral and written reports to policy makers. Policy research is performed not only in government, but also at private corporations, nonprofits, and think tanks.

    Valuable skills include

    - Understanding survey research methods - Evaluating financial reports - Performing cost / benefit analysis - Understanding budgets - Defining problems - Understanding the dimensions of complex problems - Assessing needs - Developing research designs and models - Relating theory to practice - Working in teams - Understanding different viewpoints - Writing policy proposals - Creating models / visuals to represent complex data

  • Useful Tools

  • American Foreign Policy - Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

    Top Entry Level Employers for 2020

    Listing of Professional Associations

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