Program Statement

  • Students are asked to write a program statement outlining their academic goals as related to the IIC curriculum. The statement should include a list of required, as well as elective courses (both completed and to be taken) as well as foreign language and area of specialization. It can be changed at any time and as often as necessary with the approval of the advisor. An initial written program statement, approved by the student’s advisor, is to be submitted to the advisor and the IIC Director by the second week of the third quarter after initial enrollment. A final program statement must be submitted to both Prof. Lewis Griffith, the IIC advisor from Korbel and from the IIC Director early in the quarter before the student wants to graduate in order to be advanced to candidacy. Students must MEET with their advisors to have both their initial and final program statements SIGNED.

  • IIC Program Statement.pdf

  • IIC Program Statement-Peace Corps.pdf

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