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  • Conference/Research Funding Guidelines

  • Application tips:

    1. Make sure to read the application.
    2. No food reimbursement.
    3. Must include original total receipts or printouts of receipts (with your name attached to a credit card number). You need to show a credit card statement or split receipt and signed statement for all parties involved if you do split the cost with someone, e.g. sharing a hotel room with other people. See Splitting Costs below.
    4. If you are only applying for GSFF funding, you do not need to include your CV or letter of motivation; but, you need everything else (receipts, proof of attendance, completed application).
    5. For international purchases, convert your money to dollars using the conversion rate of the day of the purchase. Please include what that rate was.
  • General Information & Splitting Costs

  • Overview:

    Applications are due during week eight of the quarter to your GSFF representative for conferences that take place from week seven of the previous quarter until week seven of current quarter. This applies to Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. GSFF does not meet during the Summer.

    Receipts required! Incomplete applications will not be accepted for GSFF or GSPDG Funding. The student may only apply for funding during the quarter in which the conference or function is to take place.  All travel and receipts must be for activities that occur between the funding dates.

    You may only apply for 3 conferences total per year, but you may apply for more than one per quarter.

    Should your conference acceptance or attendance be contingent upon proof of funding, you can download the letter which indicates funding is available upon completion of travel and attendence or presentation. Please note, we do not preapprove applications.

    Notes about Reimbursement:

    1. Submit a completed Common Application by the quarterly deadline
    2. Submit original receipts, indicating you as the purchaser, for all listed expenses
    3. Submit separate applications for each conference
    4. GSFF does not fully reimburse applications due to financial constraints.  We strive to fund applicants as much as possible given our budget, which is based off of graduate student fees.
    5. Conference presenters are generally funded at twice the rate of conference attendees.
    6. GSFF currently funds presenters up to 70% of their expenses or up to $500, whichever is less.*
    7. GSFF currently funds attendees up to 70% of their expenses or up to $400, whichever is less.*
    8. Reimbursements are made 2-3 weeks after approval by check or direct deposit. 

    *Note that these are our goals for funding. Our ability to fund is dependent on the amount we receive from student fees each quarter and the number of requests. See your GSFF representative if you have questions about actual funding received in previous quarters.

  • Splitting Costs

    This is a statement from DU Graduate Studies on the procedure for submitting applications for conference expenses when one person paid, and was then reimbursed by others.


    When this kind of arrangement is unavoidable, DU Purchasing Services will accept a letter, memo or email from the person who paid the charge. It should reference the hotel name/date/total charge and say that the charge was paid by them, who they were reimbursed by, how they were reimbursed, and the amount reimbursed. You should then sign the bottom of the letter and confirm that you paid $xxx amount and how it was paid.  


  • GSFF and GSPDG Common Application Form

  • Application Form

    Application for GSFF/GSPDG conference reimbursement for both presenters and attendees.  Must be a presenter to apply for GSPDG funding.

  • Additional GSPDG Guidelines


  • Rep Help Docs

  • Funding Guide:

    Last updated 01-11-2023

  • Funding Application Checklist for Representatives

    Last updated 09-20-2022

  • GSFF Preapproval Letter

    This letter may serve as "proof" that provided all documentation, you will receive a percentage of the expenses incurred for conference travel. This letter may be sent to conferences where proof of funding reimbursement is required. Note: there is never a guarantee of funding, and everything is contingent on complete applications, receipts, and funds available.

    Last updated 10-02-2021

  • Commonly Seen Issues on Applications

    Representatives, be sure to watch for these issues when reviewing applications!

    Frequently seen issues on GSFF applications

  • Constitution/Bylaws

  • GSFF Constitution (current)

  • GSFF Bylaws (current)

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