• Description

  • Graduate Students of the Four Faculties (GSFF) is a graduate student run organization at the University of Denver. Overall, GSFF has two main goals.

    (1)The first goal of this organization is to help graduate students in the departments of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Math, and Engineering and Computer Science fund their conference endeavors. The funding that is partially reimbursed to graduate students each quarter helps to ease the financial expenses that most conferences create due to the combined costs of airfare, hotel, and numerous conference fees. GSFF is here to help ease that financial burden as much as we can.

    (2) The second goal of GSFF is to discuss and/or address any issues that may arise pertaining to graduate students’ needs at DU. In addition to discussing and addressing these issues, a member of the GSFF Executive Council attends all GSG (Graduate Student Government) meetings to voice any concerns and/or issues that GSFF (including the graduate students represented by GSFF) has and wants to express.

    If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact one of the GSFF officers or your departmental representative(s).

  • GSFF Affiliations

  • University of Denver
    University of Denver
  • University of Denver
  • Graduate Student Government


  • GSFF Events

  • GSFF Winter Quarter Meetings 2020

    1st Meeting: Wednesday, January 22 at 11am, AAC 301

    2nd Meeting: Friday, January 31 at 12pm, AAC 340

    3rd Meeting: Wednesday, February 12 at 1pm, Sturm 251

    4th Meeting: Friday, February 28 at 4pm, AAC 301

  • GSFF Announcements

  • Grad Student Reps Needed Interested in serving your department in the GSFF? For a list of student reps and department heads, look under the Contact Info link. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Adam Purcilly at adam.purcilly@du.edu.

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