2009 Winter

  •  2009 Winter meeting minutes

  • GSFF Meeting
    January 20, 2009

    Call to Order:    2:00

    Attendees:  Katie Arntzen, Jon Belkowitz, Patrick Bowen, Julie Corby, Stephen Griffin, Jeff La Frenierre, Danielle Lewis, Erica Liszewski, Patricia Palko, Kyle Pula, Alexa Hart

    President’s Report: 
    •    GSAC will be holding a Graduate Research Day on May 8th (previous minutes showed an incorrect date of May 7th) – all are encouraged to participate.  There will be both a poster session and presentations.  More info to follow.
    •    GSAC is sponsoring a meeting on FEB 12 from 4:30 – 6:30 in the Leo Block Alumni building to discuss “What it means to be a private university dedicated to the public good.”  There were two faculty members submitted and accepted from GSFF.  The discussion session will be from 4:30 to 5:30 followed by a reception from 5:30 to 6:30.
    •    GSAC has funding available to reimburse grad student research costs.  Check the GSAC portion of the DU web site for forms and details. 
    •    The DU sustainability council is looking for a grad student member.  If interested please contact Julie Corby at Julie.corby@du.edu
    •    There has been discussion at the GSAC meetings on what is the role of grad students at DU and how can the university better support the grad student population.  GSAC would like to know what the grad students think about the following questions:
    o    Do you feel your needs are being met by DU?
    o    What do you need the university to do to make your grad student process successful?
    o    How can GSAC better support the grad student population? 
    o    What types of activities should GSAC be hosting to help the grad student population?
              The GSFF reps should contact their departments and send any input to Julie Corby
               within the next two weeks.

    Vice President’s Report: No report.

    Secretary’s Report:  Approved minutes of November 6, 2008 meeting

    Treasurer’s Report:  The balance in the GSFF account is $740.60 as of the meeting.  We are expecting about $4,800.00 in student fee monies for the quarter.  This will mean that we can probably fund a total of $5,000 for reimbursements this quarter.

    Old Business: None

    New Business: The final meeting of the quarter, where the reimbursements will be processed will be March 10th.

    Adjourned at 2:15

  • GSFF Meeting
    February 10, 2009
    Call to Order 2:02
    Attendees:  Katie Arntzen, Justin Borowsky, Patrick Bowen, Julie Corby, Stephen Griffin, Alexa Hart, Jeff La Frenierre, Danielle Lewis, Erica Liszewski, Patricia Palko, Jessica Winkles

    Vice President’s Report:  Nothing to report

    Secretary’s Report:
        Approved minutes of January 20, 2009 meeting
        Secretary will send out future meeting minutes to all GSFF representatives

    Treasurer’s Report:  All is the same as last month

    President’s Report
    •    Panel this Thursday (2/12) from 4:30 – 6:30 at the Leo Block Alumni House – send flyer
    •    Grad Night at the DU-CC hockey game, tickets will be $5 and are available for students only.  The date of the game will be March 7th.  Time will be announced later.  Please let Julie Corby know who is interested at Julie.corby@du.ed.
    •    Project Homeless Connect April 24, 8a-1:30p.  We need to get our department students involved as there wasn’t enough involvement last year and so a number of the people seeking assistance did not get helped.  Our effort will be in the area of helping in the Career Center section of the event by helping with resumes/interviews.  You will need to commit to a  2 hour shift and attend trainings on 4/13 from 1-2p and 4/16 from 10-11
    •    Graduate Research Day Friday 5/8/09 from 1-4pm. JUST POSTERS and artwork, etc. will open registration site on portfolio.  We need to get some support from our department faculty to encourage grad students to participate in the event.
    •    JobJam 2009 Thursday April 2, 2009 from 3 – 10 PM on Driscoll Green. Please pass suggestions for employer participants to Julie.
    •    There has been continued discussion within GSAC on GSAC becoming more of an advocacy organization for the grad students at DU.  The issues are what form this needs to take.  Would it help if GSAC provide a conduit for the grad students to raise issues on the gad student experience at DU including being a way of bringing issues on course availability, equipment availability and appropriateness, and the research funding needs of the students to the administration.  What about GSAC being taking the lead on getting a process in place for gad students to bring their issues to their department and the DU administrations’ attention?
    •    Final GSAC meeting 3/9. Make sure to get your proposals for research funding into Jacob Hahn before then. See the website at www.du.edu/gsac for info.  Remember that the form for funding needs a signature of a GSFF officer (preferable the President) on it before it is submitted to GSAC.  As there is not a meeting of GSFF before the deadline, people seeki

  • GSFF Meeting
    March 10, 2009
    Call to Order 2:02
    Attendees:  Katie Arntzen, Patrick Bowen, Christina Cain, Julie Corby, Stephen Griffin, Alexa Hart, Jeff La Frenierre, Danielle Lewis, Erica Liszewski, Patricia Palko, Gabor Papp, Kyle Pula, Jessica Winkles

    Vice President’s Report:  Nothing to report

    Secretary’s Report:
        Approved minutes of February 10, 2009 meeting
        GSAC Items
    ·    There is an effort by the University in preparation for the upcoming re-accreditation visit to develop Graduate – Professional Student Learning Outcomes.  Janette Benson briefed on the project and asked for input from the grad students.  There is a web site, http://portfolio.du.edu/DU_SLO that grad students can go to for more information.  The handout from the GSAC meeting was provided to the attendees and this handout is supposed to be sent out electronically by the GSAC President at a later date.  Input will be needed by week 3 or 4 of Spring Quarter.
    ·    GSAC took a vote at the meeting and decided to oppose the tobacco ban initiative.  It is understood that the Faculty Senate has opposed the imitative and so there is not a high likelihood that the initiative will be adopted.  GSAC’s opposition was not strong.
    ·    A reminder on Grad Research Day was made.  There was an email sent out before the meeting on this.
    ·    The next deadline for funding request for GSAC is April 6th.  This is earlier than normal due to needing to be before Grad Research Day on May 8th.

    Treasurer’s Report: 
    ·    The balance in the GSFF account is $4,500
    ·    We owe GSAC $100 for the tickets for the hockey game
    ·    We need to pay for the food and beverage for the meeting
    ·    We allocated $4,000 for reimbursement

    President’s Report
    ·    It was decided that Art and Art History needed to pay for the two hockey tickets that they asked for but didn’t use.  HCOM needs to provide the money for their hockey tickets.  The funds for the tickets that GSFF received will be transferred to GSAC the week of March 16th.
    ·    The president will pass on the preferences from the GSFF members on the tobacco ban initiative to GSAC and the Health Center.

    New Business

    ·    The non-attendance by the English and Computer Science representatives at GSFF meetings was discussed.  Based on their not attending at least two of the GSFF meetings during the quarter the departments are in violation of the GSFF By-Laws.  It was decided that the penalty for the violation would be that the English and Computer Science Departments’ reimbursements for the quarter would be reduced by half.  Both departments have promised to have someone attend the future meetings. 
    ·    The requests for partial reimbursement of conference and meeting expenses for the quarter were reviewed and approved.  The reimbursement rates for the requests were set at 21.27% for presenters and 16.72% for attendees at conferences.  This resulted in approving a total amount for the requests of $4,000.
    ·    The Secretary will send out an email requesting input on the day and time for next quarter’s meetings.

    Adjourned:  4:00

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