• Academic Specialist Projects

  • English Language Specialist Program
  • Iraq Training for STEM and English Faculty 2018

    In 2018, I completed two academic specialist projects for the U.S. Department of State in Erbil and Baghdad, Iraq. Through these projects, I provided training for 48 STEM and English faculty from 6 Iraqi cities, 18 universities, 3 high schools, and at least 4 Iraqi ethnic groups. My training focused on developing English for specific purposes (ESP) and content-and-language-integrated learning (CLIL) courses, since English is the required medium of instruction for teaching the STEM fields at Iraqi universities. 

  • Algeria Teacher Training 2005

    In December 2005, I traveled to Algeria to speak for a North African English teachers' conference and to do workshops for teachers-in-training at two Algerian universities. Despite high unemployment and occasional civil unrest, I found the people of Algeria to be sophisticated, warm and hospitable toward me as an American visitor. I would love to return for more mint tea and dates!

  • University of Netherlands Antilles Business Communication Course 2003

    I was sponsored by the U.S. Consulate, Curacao, and hosted by Dr. Marion Snetselaar of the University of Netherlands Antilles to design and provide two 1-week business communication courses, Communication Skills for Front Desk Staff, and Communication Skills for Business Executives. Participants in the two courses represented professionals and service personnel from the petroleum, banking, tourism, trading and retail industries on the island. I was impressed by Curacao's warm hospitality, multicultural population, strategic geographic position, and drive for international significance. This was in addition to its beautiful reefs and beaches!

  • Other Cross-Cultural Experiences

  • Sumatra, Indonesia - Summer 2003

    I had an amazing opportunity to lead a teacher-training workshop on curriculum design at the Language Exchange Institute in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, as well as to do exploratory set-up work for an ethnographic research team studying the Ogan people of South Sumatra.

  • Turkish Cultural Club Advisor - 1993-2001

    I enjoyed many glasses of Turkish tea while serving as faculty advisor to Drexel University's Turkish Cultural Club and graduate Turkish Student Association. I had many invaluable experiences eating Turkish food, doing Turkish dances, and learning about Turkish politics and expressions of Islam. In addition, I had an opportunity to co-lead a cultural-learning project in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey, in the summer of 1993.

  • Seoul, South Korea - 1989-1991

    My first experience with my own classroom was in South Korea at the Pagoda Language Institute's original branch on Chong-no in downtown Seoul. I taught daily conversational English classes for business people and college students and served as curriculum coordinator as we built a year-long curriculum from scratch. My two years in Korea were a time of building lifelong relationships with students and coworkers, as well as exploring Korea's fascinating culture, history and geography. 

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