General ESL Presentations

  • "ESL Student as Ethnographer: Undergraduate Students Connecting Beyond Borders." Demonstration presented with Melanie Witt-Wilson, TESOL 2016. 

  • “English-Learning Experiences of Students in Libya.” Paper, COTESOL, Fall 2010.

  • “Uploading Student Performances to Provide Oral Feedback.” Workshop presented with Julie Thornton, COTESOL, Fall 2009.

  • “Experiential Learning Activities for ESL/EFL.” Post-convention institute presented with Barbara Hoekje, Tobie Hoffman, Radha Singh, and Alexis Finger, TESOL 2002.

  • “Teachers Keeping Journals: Reflecting on our Work.” Paper presented with Barbara Hoekje, Donna McVey, Annette Marrecau, Heather Williams, and Robert Schlatter, TESOL 1995.

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