Ethel Swartley

English Language Center, TESOL, ESP, ethnography, cross-cultural communication, quilt, textile, culture, writing, communication

  • Biographical Description

    • I am thrilled to be a teaching associate professor in DU's English Language Center, following more than 20 years of teaching in other venues. These have included 4 years as a private language trainer, 2 years as curriculum coordinator at a South Korean language institute, and 10 years managing a business English program for professionals from all over the world. I love to travel, and as a language teacher, I have had the opportunity to teach business communication, train teachers, and lead cultural learning projects in places like Algeria, Burkina Faso, Curacao, Indonesia, Jordan, Senegal, Togo and Turkey. 

      Since I have a background in writing and sociology, I approach teaching and the rest of life from an ethnographic point of view. I enjoy learning about the geographic and ethnic cultures represented in my classes, as well as the academic, political and corporate cultures where my students work. By learning about these cultures, I can help my students focus on and apply effective communication strategies to succeed in their degree programs and the workplace.

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