• The Top Courts in the US and the UK

  • Introduction

    The purpose of this project is to investigate the structure, operation, and duties of both the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in a comparative way. SCOTUS has been a stable of American government for decades, while the UKSC has yet to exist for even one decade. The two courts share a variety of similarities while also hosting an array of differences between them; this project seeks to explore the two courts and provide sources of information to gain a better understanding of each. 


    Research Approach:

    The research for this project was conducted primarily through the online databases available from the University of Denver's library. The sources include online legal blogs, court websites, articles analyzing the courts, as well as other learning tools meant to provide a side-by-side looks at two of the world's most powerful judicial entities. Each of the following sources comes from a different perspective and approach and provides information regarding many aspects of the two top courts.

  • Evaluation Criteria

    For the evaluation of these sources, I employed the following basic criteria:

    Author and Publisher: Author’s host organization or university, as well as his/her relationship to the publisher if one exists (at times this can create somewhat of a bias if one exists, so I find that it's helpful to address these 2 factors together), number of prior publications on this topic, other publications on related or other topics, country of origin of publication and author

    Timeline of the Work: When was it published, has it been revised or edited, and how current is the information compared to the work of other authors or publishers

    Publication Content: style of the author, whether research-based, what aspects of the work are merely opinions, sources used by the publication, whether this publication has been used as a source for other works (may indicate reliability), and whether it was given positive or negative treatment in the courts and other works (if applicable), is the work scholarly and/or peer reviewed - this section will include the summary of the work as well

    Evaluation of the Publication: have others reviewed, commented on, or cited to the source



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  • Annotated Bibliography


  • Justices and Law Lords

  • SCOTUS Justices
    SCOTUS Justices
    CNN, Link
  • USA Today, Link

    The Supreme Court marks the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia
    The Supreme Court marks the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia
  • UKSC Law Lords
    UKSC Law Lords
    Canadian Content, Link
  • Court Exterior

  • SCOTUS, Summer 2015
    SCOTUS, Summer 2015
  • UKSC
    UK Supreme Court Official Twitter, Link
  • Court Interior

  • SCOTUS, Summer 2016
    SCOTUS, Summer 2016
  • UKSC
    Trusts Estates Barristers: Private Client Blog, Link
  • Viewing the Proceedings

  • A Look Inside the UKSC

    While SCOTUS does not even allow photography inside the courtroom, the UKSC operates their own YouTube channel to give the public a look inside the Court. More videos can be found at their YouTube channel here: UKSupremeCourt

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