• Intro to Collage Material List

    It would be possible to gather a pickup truck of materials for any collage project, but I want to keep things as simple and accessible as possible. The following is a list of materials I will be using for the demonstrations, feel free to substitute with supplies you may already have on hand.

    I created a shopping list of all the following items on my favorite online art supply site, Dick Blick. If you link here to get to the page, you can check prices and purchase any of these items directly (you simply remove items you don‘t need before check out). Be sure to leave plenty of time for shipping.

    I am an affiliate for Dick Blick and for Amazon, if you link to my web home page and enter either of these sites through the link provided, I would greatly appreciate it.

    We will be completing at least 4 collages using different techniques.


    • Crescent Illustration Board - 15" x 20", 24 Ply, White, Cold Press
      I suggest working on a piece of illustration board (15” or 18”X20”) divided into 4 equal parts with masking tape. Alternatively, you may work on separate boards around 7 ½ x10’ (or anything close to those dimensions).
    • Canson XL Mix Media Pad - 10" x 7", Portrait, 60 Sheets
      We will be creating some collage “fodder” painted on a piece or two of Mixed Media Paper. The size of these papers is not important. If you don’t already have any, I recommend this mixed media pad.

    Glue and Mediums

    • Fluid Medium - Matte, 8 oz jar
      I encourage you to purchase the smallest amount possible. I prefer the “fluid” but if you have the thicker, gel medium (matte) you can make that work. Golden and Liquitex are the most common brands.
    • Blickrylic Gesso – Pint
      Any brand of Gesso will work, buy the smallest amount possible.

    Watercolors & Brush

    • Blick Scholastic Short Handle Wonder White Brush - Round, Size 8
      Any versatile brush will work. If you have a paint brush at home no need to buy anything else.
    • Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolors and Sets - Travel Set, Set of 12, Assorted Colors, Half Pan
      If you don’t have any watercolors on hand this is a good, versatile set.

    Pens and markers

    • Sharpie Magnum 44 Marker - Black, Wide
    • Sharpie Extreme Markers - Black, Pkg of 2
      Any thick, black, permanent marker will work.
    • Uni Posca Paint Marker - White, Bullet Tip, 2.5 mm
      These are fun pens but totally optional.

    Glue Stick

    • UHU Stick Glue Stick - 0.75 oz, Blue
      This is a high-quality versatile glue stick but the less expensive ones work well.

    Collage Fodder

    Images from catalogues, junk mail and old magazines all make for great collage fodder. The paper tends to be fairly thin, making it easy to glue down. Avoid using paper that is thick or any images that are brittle from age.

    • To prepare for this class, I suggest creating a pile of cut up images; I love working with floral patterns, so I cut them out of clothing, bedding, & floral catalogues.
    • Next, I suggest cutting out 6 distinct images that grab your attention. (example: a crown, a building, an animal, words, faces, etc.)
    • Finally, gather some interesting decorative papers like old maps, text, wrapping paper scraps, etc. No need for too many!

    General Studio Equipment

    • Scissors
    • Paper towel
    • Water for watercolors
    • Small piece of plastic wrap

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