• Negative Painting Material List

    This workshop will focus on a unique watercolor technique. If you are a complete beginner, you will find it most satisfying to purchase some mid-price materials. If you have played with watercolors and have materials on hand, you will likely not need to purchase anything. For those looking for a few supplies, I have links to both Dick Blick (my favorite online supply store) and Amazon on my home page. I am an affiliate with both, and I would appreciate your support using those links.


    • We will be working on watercolor paper. I prefer to work on either 90 or 140lb paper that has a very light texture (cold press). We will complete 2-3 paintings, approx. 6” x 8” each so a few pages will be sufficient. I also suggest an extra sheet for practice.
    • One index card or other card stock (heavy) blank paper (we will be cutting this up)

    Pencil with eraser

    I suggest a watercolor set with pans of paint (rather than buying tubes of color). A mid-priced set will work well. Look for a set with at least 12 colors so you can have fun mixing.
    If you are going to purchase a set, I like Da Vinci, Koi, Winsor Newton, Arteza.

    I usually work with water chamber brushes (either Koi or Arteza), medium tip. If you have some good watercolor brushes (round, #4 or 6) no need to purchase anything else.

    General tools
    Pieces of paper towel
    Masking or painter tape

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