• Recommended Readings and Syllabus

    Recommended Books

                Thomas Andrews, Killing for Coal
                George Papanikolas, Buried Unsung: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre
                Scott Martelle, Blood Passion: The Ludlow Massacre and Class War in the U.S.
                David Mason, Ludlow: A Verse Novel


                Session #1 – The History of Eastern and Southern Europeans in the U.S. and Colorado.

                Session #2 – Examination of the history of coal mines in Colorado, working conditions and labor practices. United Mine Workers efforts to
                organize Colorado’s coal fields.

                Session #3 – 1913-14 Colorado Coal Strike, the Ludlow Massacre, and its aftermath.

                Session #4 – The legacy of Ludlow worldwide and its relationship to 21st century organizing for workers’ rights.

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