• Recommended Readings


    This course will use a composite of books, but no one is required for purchase. Those that will be referenced include:


    Creative Retirement for Women, by Lee Johnson

    **The 100-Year Life, by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

    Portfolio Life, by David Corbett

    Retiring? Your Next Chapter is about Much more than Money, by Ted Kaufman and Bruce Hiland

    The Art and Science of Aging Well, by Mark E. Williams, MD

    Successful Aging, by Daniel Levitin

    **Retiring with Purpose, by Tricia Ryan Snow

    Unretirement, by Chris Farrell

    Tapas Life: A Rich and Rewarding Life After Your Long Career by Andrew Robin

    Your Next Chapter: A Woman’s Guide To A Successful Retirement by Alexandra Armstrong, CFP® and Mary R Donahue PhD


    Of the above books, your instructor has starred the ones that she believes would be most beneficial to purchase.

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