• A Note from Your Instructor on Readings


    This class relates to connections between fine music and literature, and will touch on a wide variety of novels, plays and poetry.  Few participants would have the time to read much of it before class begins.  The compositions Betsy chose were inspired by very famous literary works, many of which you likely already know, at least in passing, from having read them in school.  So, there is no required pre-reading.

    Featured works:

    First class: Shakespeare:  Othello (any version, even modern English); Tennessee Williams:  A Streetcar Named Desire

    Second class: Whitman:    (1) Joy, Shipmate!  Joy!         (2) Beat!  Drums! Beat!
    Frost:      (1) The Road Not Taken         (2) Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Third class: Fitzgerald:  The Great Gatsby (yes, the novel, not the movie)
                         King:  The Shining (yes, the novel, not the movie)

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