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  • Student Resources

  • Increases GPA by .3!

    Why Create an ePortfolio? ePortfolios provide a dynamic platform for capturing experiences beyond the possibilities of a basic resume. Make your experiences visible by displaying a variety of modes of expression including: text, images, videos, audio files, blogs, social media posts, etc. all in one place! Use an ePortfolio platform like DU Portfolio to highlight the various connections between your eperiences, and to craft a narrative that captures the true essence of who you are.

    Benefits of creating an ePortfolio:

    • Promotes the development of robust personal and academic identities
    • Encourages discovery of new skills and abilities
    • Increases grade point averages
    • Increases 4-year graduation rates by 10%
    • Makes experiences visible to a variety of audiences
    • Allows for creative expression of a wide range of work
    • Proves the true value of your degree!

    Sources: ePortfolios, the 11th High Impact Practice and The Benefits of E-portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words

  • Articles and Links

    Tips to Create an E-Portfolio

    An article on Monster Worldwide Inc. website written by Karen Eldor that provides 10 steps for creating "a winning E-Portfolio"

    The Benefits of E-Portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words

    An article published in the AAC&U Peer Review Journal Vol. 11, written by Ross Miller & Wende Morgan highlighting student and faculty statements about the value of ePortfolios.

  • Student Testimonials:

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    Student Workshop Series

    These workshops are intended for students using DU Portfolio to design an ePortfolio for a class. All workshops must be requested by an instructor teaching a course with an ePortfolio assignment. Please use the links below to reach out to schedule a workshop.

    Getting Started with DU Portfolio (offered in class by instructor request and as available)

    A workshop that introduces the basics of the DU Portfolio application. Participants will be provided with an overview of how the application works, and will be guided through the initial steps for creating their first DU Portfolio site.
    Schedule now!

    ePortfolio Development (offered in class by instructor request and as available)

    A group exercise encouraging participants to think outside of the box and begin forming personalized strategies, structures, and themes for an ePortfolio site.
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    DU Portfolio Design Lab (offered in class by instructor request and as available)

    An open lab where DU Portfolio users will be provided tutorials on the newest features of the application, and the opportunity to work through design challenges with peers and experts.
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    Open Labs

    Open labs are an unstructured drop-in hour where DU Portfolio users will have access to peers and student ambassadors who can help them to work through design challenges and strategies for using the application to create a well-designed ePortfolio site. These labs will be held at various times throughout each academic term, and are intended for anyone who would like some assistance with using the DU Portfolio application for a class assignment. Learn more about the student ambassador program here, or contact Megan Kelly at

    FALL 2019 Drop-in Open Lab Schedule: 

    Weeks 9 & 10

    • Monday: 9-11 (Summer)
    • Tuesday: 10-1 (Madison)
    • Thursday: 10-12 (Maya)
    • Thursday: 1-4 (Sean)
    • Friday: 10-12 (Liliana)
    • Friday: 2-3 (All)
  • DU Portfolio Events Calendar

  • Contact Us: Please feel free to reach out to or with any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation regarding the use of DU Portfolio in academic contexts.

    Technical Support: Please be sure to utilize our Tech Help Knowledge Base if looking for tutorials for using the DU Portfolio application, or contact the IT Help Desk for other technical support issues.

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