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  • Using DU Portfolio to Host a Writing Portfolio

  • The DU Portfolio application is free to use as a member of the DU community (students, staff, faculty, etc.), and free for life once you become an alumni! You can upload PDFs of your work, link to online publications, and visually embed documents from your OneDrive (or other cloud storage sources).

  • Articles & Links:

  • How to Create a Writing Porfolio for Freelancers

    An article written by (a Canadian based content marketing site) that includes several helpful tips, suggestions, and examples for creating a dynamic digital portfolio that highlights your writing.

  • Writing Portfolios - The Ultimate Guide

    An article published by (a journalism portfolio hosting site) that provides instructional steps and guidelines for developing and designing an electronic writing portfolio.

  • Example Content:

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    Created using Adobe Spark

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    Created in OneDrive

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