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Issues with Plagiarism...

  • If your students will be submitting coursework through an ePortfolio, be sure to thoroughly explain the various privacy settings that are available (private, public, university, community, and custom security groups) and how they might be used to protect student work. It is also important to set a standard for citation and referencing of all other sources used in the creation of portfolio content. It might be helpful to share information about additional options that students have for protecting their personal work by indicating copyright using something like the Creative Commons licenses. More lengthly writings or personal reflections should either be kept out of public view and/or submitted through a more secure tool like the Canvas LMS (which is password protected and internal to DU) prior to posting the work to a portfolio page.

    Be sure to clarify the general expecatation that evolving work like an ePortfolio (that can be submitted from one class to another) should always include a substantially new or revised element upon each new submission.


    An online plagiarism detector that students can use to check the originality of their work

    Issues in Digital Technology in Education/ePortfolios
    An article addressing potential concerns and issues surrounding the use of ePortfolios and other digital technologies

    Boston University: Why or Why Not Use ePortfolios?
    An online guide from Boston University that addresses good use of ePortfolios with relation to copyright concerns

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