• The ePortfolio Ambassador Program

    The ePortfolio Ambassador Program offers a series of three workshops to support writers creating ePortfolios for their classes or programs:

    • "Reflecting in an ePortfolio" Workshop: This workshop introduces students to the role of ePortfolios in promoting critical reflection. Through discussion-based activities, students are prompted to make connections among their various learning experiences. This workshop helps students generate content for their portfolios and does not focus on a particular ePortfolio platform.
    • "Designing an ePortfolio" Workshop: This workshop engages students in how to tell a story in their ePortfolios. Through brainstorming activities, students are guided in organizing and mapping out a design for their portfolios. This workshop does not focus on a particular ePortfolio platform.
    • "Technology in DU Portfolio" Workshop: This workshop provides an overview of the technology supported by the DU Portfolio platform. Students will learn how to add a variety of multi-modal features to their portfolios. Please note: technology support is also available in how-to guides from the OTL ePortfolio Project.
    • A two or three part series: We can schedule more than one workshop for your class, especially if students will be developing their ePortfolios throughout the quarter.
    We are unforunately not able to schedule workshops for Fall 2020.

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