• Overview

    DU Portfolio is a homegrown system that was built by the Office of Teaching and Learning around 2003. The original developers are no longer affiliated with the university and the system is currently in a support only phase. This means that we are unable to provide significant updates to the system, limiting user experience and necessary maintence. The OTL and IT are working to replace the current DU Portfolio system with a combination of existing offerings and new platforms.

  • Focus Group Information

    Over the course of the next 4-6 months we will be conducting focus groups to better understand the ways that the DU community uses DU Portfolio. The focus groups will be centered on specific use cases to focus discussion on the priorities, goals, and needs of those users. Registration for these focus groups has closed. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at portfolio.project@du.edu

    •  Academic Program Management — Faculty and staff that use DU Portfolio for internal program management. This might include syllabi, course plans, student handbooks, etc. with an intended audience of current students and instructors. 

    • Professional Portfolio — Any stakeholer that uses DU Portfolio to display their professional work to an external audience. 

    • Website/Departmental Website/Community Profile/Intranet — Faculty and staff that use DU Portfolio to display information for their program or department to an external audience. This might include sample course plans, instructor bios, or application and admissions information.

    • Committee/Accreditation — Faculty, staff, or students that use DU Portfolio to house committee materials, such as meeting minutes and agendas, group rosters, and other official or in-process documents.  

    • Display Personal Research Activity — Any stakeholder that uses DU Portfolio to display research activity to an external audience. This might include research groups, grant funded projects, or curated samples of research activity. 

    • Course ePortfolios — Any stakeholder that uses DU Portfolio for outward facing websites where students collect, curate and articulate their co-curricular and curricular experiences within a course assignment. 

  • Committee Information

    View the Committee Information as an accessible PDF.

  • Contact Us

    We understand that this transition is complex and user-specific. If you have reviewed the content on this page and still have questions, please contact us at portfolio.project@du.edu

  • Project Timeline

    View the Project Timeline as an accessible PDF.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why are we replacing DU Portfolio? 

    A: DU Portfolio is a home-grown platform created in 2003 that the university no longer updates and is no longer sustainable for continued long-term use. It was developed in a time when few viable options for ePortfolios, intranets, and file sharing repositories existed. DU does not have the capacity to address a major failure event and/or possible security vulnerabilities. 

    Q: How will the replacement/s be selected? 

    A: We recognize that it most likely will take more than one platform to replace DU portfolio. We are currently gathering feedback from faculty, staff, students, and alumni in the form of surveys and focus groups. We will then compare identified needs to already-existing platform adoption and commence with educational campaigns as needed. For needs that are not met by already-adopted technology, we will begin investigating vendors. Once the top vendors have been identified, the community will be invited to attend software demos and provide their feedback to inform the final decision.  

    Q: How can I determine if DU currently supports a platform that would accomplish my goals?

    A: Start by reviewing the IT Software Catalog. Click on individual software icons to read more about what it offers and view available training opportunities. Many of these trainings are prerecorded and can be viewed at any time. 

    Q:When will DU Portfolio be replaced? 

    Because DU portfolio is a homegrown system, we do not need to worry about an impending end to a contract. Because we anticipate the needs of DU Portfolio being met by multiple platforms, some which already exist, you may begin moving resources to already-existing repositories at any time. For course-based ePortfolios, we anticipate launching its replacement in Fall 2022. We intend to de-commission DU portfolio completely by approximately summer 2023.  

    Q: What is the plan for transitioning to new platform/s? 

    A: Training and support will be provided in advance of new platform adoption. For already-existing platforms, we anticipate beginning training campaigns in Spring 2022. Training for replacement technology will be provided as those platforms are adopted.  


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