• Partnering: Denver Justice & Peace Committee

  • As a professor at the Korbel School and member of the Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC), I have worked to bring DU students, faculty, and DJPC members for travel to Chiapas that combines on-site experiential learning with a commitment to protecting human rights. Here we are at the Universidad de la Tierra in Chiapas, a center of higher education for indigenous youth. From the back row: Rebeca Zuñiga, director of the DJPC; Anita Smart, director of Natik, our NGO partner in Chiapas; Rebecca Galemba, professor at JKSIS; and Gwen Murphy, DJPC member (front).

  • With Kara Martinez, member and former director of the DJPC.

  • At Otros Mundos headquarters in the mountains north of San Cristóbal, visiting with director Gustavo Castro. Otros Mundos works to develop sustainable alternative development strategies starting with their own environmentally friendly architecture, rain water catch, and recycled materials. 



  • The Nation Report on Open-Pit Mining

  • Denver was one city among many globally that marked the Global Day of Action Against Open-Pit Mining on July 22. Read more ...

  • For More Information About the DJPC

  • Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting human rights, economic and environmental justice, and lasting peace in Latin America through education, solidarity projects, and nonviolent activism. Click below for more information and to make a donation.

    Denver Justice and Peace Committee

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