• Recent Publications

    "Seeking Amnesty in the USA from Honduras," Amigos de Honduras, Vol XL, No. 4. 22.11.Amigos.final.pdf, Amigos de Honduras Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Group, November 2022, pp 5-6

    "The So-called Failure of the State: Rethinking the State, Civil Society, and Transnational Criminal Organizations," Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, May 25, 2022, https://rdcu.be/cOkY3 

    "A Call to Suspend Military Aid to Honduras," DU Clarion, June 14, 2021, https://duclarion.com/2021/06/ltte-a-call-to-suspend-military-aid-to-honduras/ 

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  • Expert Witness Testimony
    Expert Witness Testimony
  • I have served as an expert witness for asylum application cases based on human rights violations associated with criminal organizations and police corruption in Mexico and Honduras.  A number of these cases have been tried at the ICE Processing Center in Aurora, CO. 

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