• Drug Charges: False Arrest of Activists

  • Community leader Alfredo Lopez of the Garifuna Coast region in northern Honduras talks to us about having spent five years in jail on trumped up charges of drug trafficking. There was no conviction; the arrest was simply as a means of preventing him from organizing against land developers seeking to take over in the area. 

  • Drug Trafficking and Human Rights Violations

  • Since early 2016, I've served as an expert witness for asylum application cases regarding human rights violations associated with criminal organizations and police corruption in Mexico, at the ICE Processing Center, Aurora, CO. These cases have involved death threats, kidnapping, harrassment, and violence against individuals from the states of Jalisco, Chihuahua, and Zacatecas. 

  • Ruined Rivers: Drug Sales as Last Resort

  • In the coastal areas of Chiapas, we heard that river contamination from mining was poisoning and deforming the fish making it impossible to fish for a living. With the waning of fishing and agriculture, those who choose to remain in the community are turning increasingly to drug dealing in order to make a living and crime is on the rise. 

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