• Studying in Chiapas

    This field experience has taken students, faculty, and community members to Chiapas, Mexico, to learn firsthand how metal mining affects rural communities, how migration in these areas increases due to displacement, and how militarization has intensified throughout the region. Below, we are seated outside the museum honoring Bishop Samuel Ruiz García who served the Diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas from 1959 to 1999 and negotiated peace between the Mexican government and the Zapatista rebels. Future plans are currently on hold. 

  • Bishop Samuel Ruiz Museum
    Bishop Samuel Ruiz Museum

    From Chiapas to the Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (RMCLAS): We present our research on mining contamination, community displacement, and the role of the PRI government in Mexico. With Prof. Lorena Gaibor and graduate students Victoria Watson-Nava and Amy Czulada at the conference in Salt Lake City.

  • Chiapas.MOV

  • Tonalá on the Pacific Coast
    Tonalá on the Pacific Coast
  • Universidad de la Tierra
    Universidad de la Tierra

    The Chiapas travel course brings Korbel students and faculty together with members of the Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC) for a tour that combines on-site experiential learning with a commitment to protecting human rights. Here we are at the Universidad de la Tierra in Chiapas, a center of secondary and higher education for indigenous youth. 

  • Chiapas, Mexico

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