• A Call to Suspend Military Aid to Honduras

    As many are aware, Hondurans continue to arrive at the U.S. border to seek shelter much as they did during the Trump administration. Their desperate stories are much the same—prolonged drought has left them unable to grow crops, threats from gangs and drug traffickers have driven them out of their own homes, a devastating hurricane has left many homeless and hospitals and schools lack supplies.

    Much as Trump did before him, President Biden is quickly expelling these refugees. At the same time, he has reached agreements with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, otherwise known as the “Northern Triangle” governments, to deploy soldiers to their borders to forcibly prevent migrants from crossing. To facilitate this deployment, Biden proposes to send another $4 billion in aid to these countries. If Hondurans insist on migrating, they will be forced to remain in their own country at the point of a gun.

    Click the link below to read on regarding the human rights situation in Honduras.

  • Testimony from Rural People in the Bajo Aguán Region Regarding Human Rights Violations

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  • Meeting with Berta Cáceres, Leader of the Indigenous Lenca people and Winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize

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