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Distance Learning Council

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  • DLC Program Review Criteria

    • What programs should be presented to the Distance Learning Council for review? 

      1. Degree programs through which a student can earn the entire degree at a distance. These are of greatest concern and have accreditation implications for the university’s agreement with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

      2. Any degree program through which a student can earn 25% or more of the degree through distance/online courses.

       3. Any academic certificate that is not part of an existing pre-approved distance/online degree program where a student can earn 25% or more of the certificate through distance/online courses.

  • DLC Forms

    • Download the Distance Learning Council Addendum and review the DLC Program Review rubric. For new programs, turn in the completed addendum to the chair of the DLC per the review procedures on this page. The DLC program review rubric below should be submitted to the DLC after your first full year of operation.

    • This rubric is a companion to the proposal form. The purpose is twofold:

      • to provide new applicants with a set of guidelines regarding expectations for the program
      • to have a quicker, easier way to assess the program for those who are in the DLC follow-up review stage
  • Review Procedures

    • If your program meets the criteria for Distance Learning Council (DLC) review, follow the steps below.

      Step 1

      Review the DLC program review rubric for a set of guidelines and expectations for the program and the DLC Proposal Addendum.

      Step 2

      Submit your proposal through the online program proposal system and select distance as the delivery mode. When you select distance, you will be asked to answer additional questions based on the DLC Proposal addendum.

      Visit the Curriculum Change portfolio page for instructions on accessing the online program proposal system.

      Step 3

      After completing the online proposal, you will be contacted by the chair of the Distance Learning Council to schedule a time to present the program to the Distance Learning Council for review (allow 2 weeks).

      Important: The online proposal system is new and there may be a delay in notifying the DLC chair. Contact the DLC chair to notify him/her that you have submitted a new proposal. 

      Step 4

      Present your proposal to the DLC.  Your presentation should include a  sample syllabus from the proposed program and a brief tour of an example online course from the program. The presentation will be followed by Q&A. DLC members will discuss the proposal immediately following the presentation.

      Step 5

      After reviewing the materials submitted and the proposal presentation, the Distance Learning Council will approve the program, approve the program with recommendations, or ask for a resubmission of the program at a future meeting.

      DLC Chair: Kathy Keairns, kkeairns@du.edu

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