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  • Support for Distance Learning

  • To effectively deliver a distance course requires more than simply posting a syllabus, reading assignments, videos of lectures, and/or exams on a website. Careful attention to course design is required to improve student engagement, learning, and retention in online courses. Both University College and the Office of Teaching & Learning provide training and support to faculty and units who are currently involved in, or considering implementing distance education courses or programs at the University of Denver.  

    Individual courses need not be formally reviewed by the Distance Leaning Council, but should be approved by the appropriate person in the department, division, school, or college and include consultation with the online learning team in the Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL).  Online instructors for the University of Denver (other than University College) must complete the OTL’s “Teaching Online Short Course” before teaching online at DU.  

    Visit the Teaching Online portfolio for faculty, student, and technology resources available for teaching an online course.

    University of College instructors should contact Allison O'Grady, Senior Instructional Support Specialist, at or 303-871-3935 to schedule consultations. All other instructors should contact the Office of Teaching & Learning at 303-871-2084.

  • University College

  • University College Faculty Portal

    All University College faculty members should refer to the UCOL Faculty Portal, which contains a plethora of information about online teaching, resources, and expectations. 

  • DU Resources for Online Students

  • University College Student Success Course

    University College requires that all new students complete a zero-credit, required Student Success Course

  • The Successful Online Learner

  • Office of Teaching & Learning

  • Teaching Online Short Course

    The Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) facilitates an online Teaching Online Short Course for DU (not including UCOL) instructors new to teaching online. The course is delivered entirely online and instructors experience distance learning first-hand from the student perspective. 

    Instructors who complete the online course receive a certificate of completion from the Office of Teaching & Learning.  Full-time DU instructors who complete the course receive a $1000 stipend.

  • OTL Resources for Online Instructors

    What Faculty Need to Know About Teaching Online

    The Successful Online Learner

    Course Design Repository


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