Distance Learning Council

  • Description

    • The role of the Distance Learning Council (DLC) is to provide a review and approval mechanism for both existing and proposed online/distance programs. Like the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council, the DLC serves as a means for review and approval of new certificate and degree programs, but confining its scrutiny to the aspects of the program that involve online/distance learning. Any program that provides an opportunity to earn the majority of the degree online must be reviewed by the DLC.

      The focus of the council is on those aspects of any degree proposal related to online/distance education, including delivery methods, faculty and student support, assessment, technology resources, financial arrangements, and other matters as relevant. The DLC also periodically reviews all existing programs to make sure they are compliant with the standards being used to examine new programs. In addition, the DLC will oversee a registry of all distance learning degree and certificate programs being offered across the entire campus.

      Questions about the DLC

      Contact Kathy Keairns (kkeairns@du.edu or 303.871.4156)

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