• Course Schedules

  • Spring Quarter 2018 Schedule

  • Instructions on Accessing Course Descriptions:

    1. Login with your DU ID and password to PioneerWeb.du.edu

    2. Click on the myWeb tab

    3. Expand the myWeb menu and click on Student folder, then the Registration folder

    4. Select the Dynamic Catalog

    5. Choose desired quarter and click 'submit'.

    6. Select a subject and click 'get courses'.

    Note: Topics courses in this catalog will NOT have course descriptions. For these courses, feel free to contact instructors directly.

  • How to Look Up Textbooks

  • Don't wait for your syllabi to look up your textbooks!

    1. Go to the DU Bookstore website

    2. Under the Books tab click on Textbooks & Course Materials  

    3. Select your program: DU

    4. Select your course ID: e.g. GWST 2700-1

    If more than one section is available, look up your section on webCentral under Courses tab. If course reads GWST-2700-2, your section is 2. This page also provides instructor emails if you have further questions regarding your course or textbooks.

    5. Click Submit to view required and/or recommended texts for this course.

  • Faculty Contact Lists

  • Past Syllabi:

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