• University Technology Services

  • UTS is a university-sponsored tech service that is free for students and faculty. Their office is located in the Anderson Academic Commons.

    Help Center Phone Support: 303.871.4711
    Monday - Thursday | 8am - 10pm
    Friday | 8am - 7pm
    LIMITED After Hours Phone Support: 303.871.4700
    Saturday & Sunday | 8am - 4pm
    Help Center Email Support (Click here)
    Monday - Friday | 8am - 7pm
    Help Center Laptop Walk-in Support
    Monday - Thursday | 8am - 10pm
    Friday | 8am - 8pm
    Saturday | 9am - 8pm
    Sunday | 10am - 10pm

    UTS can assist with all tech services that are needed by students and faculty. This includes connecting to wifi via an iPad, computer viruses, slow computers, printing problems, or antivirus trouble. 



  • Laptop Loaner Program

  • Students who are facing financial difficulty in acquiring a laptop for academic use may apply for the Laptop Loan Program, a free-of-charge service for students who qualify. Laptops are available on a quarterly basis or for an entire academic year. The laptops meet the University’s specifications, and come with applications such as Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, and Internet connectivity. Specialized software required as part of a course is the responsibility of the student.

  • 2015-2016 Laptop Loan Application

  • Hybrid & Online Classes

  • Hybrid and Online Courses | Scott Toney, Daniels College of Business

  • Learn more about Hybrid classes

    Watch these helpful clips from the Office of Teaching and Learning to learn more about Hybrid classes!

    Hybrid Introduction


    Benefit 1: Own Your Learning


    Benefit 2: Deeper and More Enduring Understanding


    Benefit 3: Enriched Communication and Interaction


  • Definitions
    • Blended Courses: 30-79% of content is delivered online. A substantial proportion of content is delivered online (online discussions, reduced face-to-face meetings)
    • Online Courses: 80+% of content is delivered online. Most or all of the content is delivered online (few or no face-to-face meetings)

    From: http://sloanconsortium.org/publications/survey/pdf/learningondemand.pdf


  • Pioneer Resource Center

  • Contact Numbers

    Sarah Hewitt, Business Operations Cooradinator: 

    303-871-6221; 16221 from a campus phone


  • Help with Canvas

  • If you are having trouble with Canvas, let your professor know as soon as possible so they are aware of the problem and are able to assist. Below are some helpful resources for navigating and using canvas.

  • Canvas


  • Canvas Guides for Answer to Common Questions


  • Canvas Support | Office of Teaching and Learning


  • Canvas Support Hotline and Online Chat

    Hotline: 855-712-9770

    Chat: The chat feature is available upon logging into canvas and clicking the link via the help link at the top right of the page


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